Small cracks in shotcrete, should I advise my builder to epoxy?

St. George

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Jul 20, 2022
St. George, UT
Greetings. My new pool was poured on Tuesday, July 12 2022 (one week ago). On the first day, within a few hours after the pouring, I noticed several small hairline cracks starting to form at the grading edge of the pool floor. I have watered the pool with my hose set to the shower setting two to three times per day (with the exception of 7/16 & 7/17 as my family was out of town visiting friends in another city). I would estimate that there's probably 20+ small hairline cracks.

I've provided photos in a zip file for better evidence.

The cracks don't appear to have spread any further than they have already settled. My question is, I'm seeing the postings on this site that mention some owners have had their builders epoxy the cracks to provide ... well ... peace of mind? Should I have my builder do the same? Do the cracks appear to be large enough that they are a legitimate concern?

I'm located in Southern Utah (St. George). The weather on the day of the pour was in the low 100's with humidity between 10% to 15% and has fluctuated between 102 and 108 since. I continue to water the pool 2 to 3 times per day. Appreciate any insight from the group, as you guys are the professionals and I respect your opinion.

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Please post your pics directly to the TFP server.

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St. George

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Jul 20, 2022
St. George, UT
These appear to be surface cracks from the hydration process. Length is not as important as depth in the cracks. Unable to determine depth from the pictures provided. Filling with an epoxy in that narrow of a crack would not accept much product .
Thank you for the review. My builder mentioned a similar result. He said that the plaster stage would fill all visible surface cracks throughout the pool shell. I can't really gauge the depths of the cracks either. If one was inclined to use an epoxy, or hydraulic cement, to further protect the cracks that are present, which product would you recommend? Thank you again.
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