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May 23, 2021
Fairfield, CT
Hi - new to pools and this forum. I bought a house last year that came with a older pool (concrete, 36k gallons). I opened the pool this year on my own with the help of reading this forum and had no problems with the water (aside from having to replace my multiport) , but I noticed a crack under the coping in the mortar all around the pool. It looks like the mortar joint is quite old. I don't hear a hollow sound (I searched the forum on this topic already) when I tap the coping, but the coping is natural fieldstone and quite thick (3"+). The pool wasn't opened for over a year before I bought the house and I noticed no water leak. The crack is generally all around the pool in certain spots, and there are a few spots with chunks of mortar that I can pull off. I also had about 5 tiles fall off the wall as well. Can I just repair the crack with pool mortar? Should I be concerned about anything else?

I attached a picture of a spot of the crack as an example (I can take a better one tomorrow when it is light) as well as the coping. The crack in the photo is directly under the coping at the top of the mortar. In a few spots, chunks of that mortar can come off.


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Welcome to TFP :)

Could you get some better daytime photos.. It looks like they did not completely seal the area above the bond beam of the pool and the coping...


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May 23, 2021
Fairfield, CT
Thanks so much - I'll get some better pictures in the morning when it's light. The pool is older (my guess is 20 years or older), so my thought is that the mortar just started to deteriorate and I'm hoping it just needs to be filled in to avoid water getting back there. The mortar inside one of the skimmers is coming loose as well for what I think is the same reason.
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