Slowing Getting It....Need to Raise Chlorine & CYA


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Jun 17, 2012
Howard City, MI
Thanks to all of you and your very helpful tips and advice, I "think" I am starting to get the hang of this pool chemical thing. :hammer: Still keeping fingers crossed.

I finally have my pH exactly where it needs to be, but still have to raise my Chlorine level and also my CYA. Can both of these things be raised using the hth Shock 'n Swim product? I haven't seen any stabilizers in the stores so not sure where to get.

My current levels:FC .5/1 (chlorine/bromine)
pH 7.5
TA 120

Even though I have to raise the chlorine level and CYA, is this ok for kids to go swimming in as is?

Thanks Again.

Pool Info:
Pro Series Metal Frame 18'x48" / 6,450 gallons approximately
SFS skimmer (SFS1000) w/ F1500C pump


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Feb 13, 2012
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I would not recommend shock and swim. CYA (sometimes called stabilizer) can be found in granular and liquid either the pool store, or even wal-mart or home depot. As for chlorine, you can use bleach.

Yes, those levels are safe to swim in.

Getting levels in order will help you prevent an algae bloom, and should be addresses as soon as you can!