Slope from shallow to deep


Oct 16, 2020
New York
We are still designing our inground pool. The builder has sketched a diagram in which shallow is 48 inches. The deep is 5ft 10inches. I want the slope to be very steep so that the transition is narrow and we can enjoy more deep end. I have read about the 1 to 3 ratio. I have read that doesnt have to be adhered to in residential builds. Our builder sketched that the depth transition would occur over a 3 ft spread (or tread if that is the right term). What do you think if we have a steeper slope and only waste 2 ft in the slope to get down to the 5ft 10 depth? That would be 2 ft going forward while transitioning from 4ft to 5t 10.


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Jul 21, 2013
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2 feet forward while almost 2 feet down would put the slope at almost a 45 degree angle. That would be difficult to walk on. Construct such a slope of wood and see how it feels to walk on it.

22 inches down in 2 feet would need 2 or 3 steps, not a ramp.
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