Slip fit "insider" return eyeball questions


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Nov 30, 2009
Pool is about 5 years old ... has associated above ground gunite spa that uses the same pump as the pool.

I read as many posts as possible, but haven't found a clear answer :)

Spa has six 1 1/2" return outlets - all are standard white PVC slip fit (insider) variety without pressure adjustment disks.

They have never fit well ... some are proud of the plaster surface and some aren't. When I removed them first year during winterizing, I noticed the installer had cut slot in the sleeves to allow inserting into the return pipes. A real butcher job, but clearly his interest was getting them in, not flushness or reuseability.

Are the other varieties that are still removeable for winterizing that would fit better? Was thinking maybe something with an integral oring? If not, and the sleeves are difficult to insert, what are some options for "tailoring" them to fit better? (ex: should the be ground small and then teflon tape used to allow more flush fit?)

The pool itself has four return lines - but no eyeballs at all - should there be eyeballs or does it matter?



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May 20, 2007
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I have had to do this before because the originals were either worn out or lost, I forget which. I modified some Hayward's by shortening the neck with a diamond blade for a clean cut and then two shortened slices so the insertion end had room to compress fit, and hold under the pump's pressure with the blower on.

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