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Jul 22, 2007
I was just wondering if anyone else has tried one of these "Slime Bag" after filters, at the begining of this season I bought a 15x48 intex metal frame pool along with the upgraded intex 2500 g/h filter pump and intex chlorine generator just to see if having a pool is for me before I made the big plunge $$, So far I have been having very good luck with it and all my counts have been fine and the kids are loving it. I noticed about a week ago that the water looked a little cloudy so I brought a water sample to the local pool shop and he said everything was perfect and the cloudy water can be caused by small particles that are making it through the filter(common problem with Intex filter's) and he sold me this thing called the Slime Bag pollishing bag. I was told to just clamp it on the water retun land let the filter run, I thought it was a gimmick at first and I wasted $50 on nothing but I gotta say that the darn thing actually worked great, I can't beleive how much gunk that thing caught, I ran it for 24 hours, had to clean the slime bag three time in that period but the water in my pool looks like I just filled, it's so clear. If anyone else is having problems getting the water to clear up with one of these Intex filters I would say to get yourself a slime bag, I still can't beleive the thing really worked.

Oh yeah, almost forgot this is my first post as well, I have been surfing the sight for some time now and it has helped alot, Just wanna say thanks for all the great info I have found on here.

Nick S.


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Apr 22, 2007
I just googled it. Interesting. I've heard of people attaching a knee high panty hose or a skimmer sock to their returns and having good luck with that, but of course it wouldn't filter as low as the slime bag claims.

I wonder if it's the same material that the bags in the robot cleaners use?
The bag in my Blue Diamond is silky on the outside and sort of cottony on the inside. The outside sort of reminds me of silky basketball shorts.


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Jul 18, 2007
ontario, canada
I've been looking at the slime bag website for a while and asking around to see if anyone carries it locally. No luck so far. I've gotten to the point of considering attaching a bag from a saw to my returns as the stats seem to be exactly the same for both products.
I'm glad to hear a first hand review of the product.


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Jul 21, 2007
Billerica MA
I was also having trouble with my Intex filter not catching what was clouding the water. Based on this thread and others talking about the problems with Intex, I thought a slime bag was worth a shot. After quite a few phone calls I was able to get it locally from The Pool Guy store in Georgetown MA. They are quite nice and helpful. They had stock from last year so I was able to get the Vacuum/X-tra Polishing Bag for only $40. They were quite patient and helpful figuring out how to connect it to the non-standard Intex stuff. I took their suggestion that when I vacuum into the slime bag take the cartridge out of the filter for better water flow.

I know my problem particles settled to the bottom overnight, so I first vacuumed very slowly with the return water going into the slime bag. It turned green pretty quick. When I bumped it a bit of green came through into the water. It must be that my particles are quite near the 1 micron size the bag is supposed to catch. I was careful not to bump it again. When I was finished vacuuming I carefully put a plastic bag on the slime bag so I could lift the bag and the Crud it would drop out of the pool together.

After the vacuuming and cleaning the slime bag I stirred the water in the pool quite thoroughly and filtered through the slim bag for about 15 hours. I put the cartridge back in the filter again for this time. I again had to put a plastic bag around the slime bag to remove it and the Crud with it. The Intex filter caught NOTHING during those 15 hours! (I have added the drain/tub washer to my filter to reduce water bypassing the filter.)

I then stirred up the water thoroughly again. I expected it to cloud up again, but it didn't. I guess the Intex pump did a reasonable job circulating the water.

WOW! My water sparkles. From the top the water looks perfectly clear. Even when well stirred, with a mask on, I can clearly see the far side under water 20 feet away just fine. There is still room for improvement, but I can now say I have nice pool water. I haven't seen many pools with clearer water.

I have avoided adding a floculant and the Intex filter might not have caught the bigger particles anyway. I am very leery of adding anything to the water if I can avoid it. (Maybe I should stop the the weekly maintenance dose of PolyQuat. but, it is only 1.75 onces in a 4393 gallon pool.)

Without refilling my pool or spending hundreds of dollars on a new filter, I could probably not of cleared my water with the Intex filter. A floculant might have worked, but given the known shortcomings with the Intex filters it is a long shot.

The Slime Bag is great!