Slime Bag


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Jul 22, 2007
HI, I'm new here and to the whole pool thing, I bought a 15x48 Intex metal frame pool along with the upgraded 2500gph filter pump and chlorine generator at the begining of this season, I did'nt want to spend to much to find out if a pool is actually my thing but so far I've been having very good luck with it and keeping everything in balance, so I will most likely use this pool for another season or two before I upgrade to a nice IG pool.

Well anyway i had a few questions and figured this would be the place to ask.

Sometimes my pool will become a little cloudy and I would drain about a 1/4 of the water out and refill and add the needed salt, I was talking to a salesman at the local pool store and he said that my current filter can only catch material at about 3-5 microns and everything else will pass through, he tried to sell me something called the "Slime Bag" he says it will catch what the filter can't and it will polish the water, has anyone used one of these before and do they really work like they are advertised to. I mean if it really works I don't mind spending the $50 for it but I just wanna make sure it not a gimmick first.

Another thing is the Intex chlorine generator will only run by the hour, if I run it for four hours a day the chlorine is in the 1-1.5 range but if I run it for five hours a day it will climb to 3-5, it would be great if I could set it to four and a half hours but I can't, do you think it will help if I lower the stabilizer count in the water so the chlorine will evap off a little faster so I can keep it at five hours a day, or is it better to raise it and run for four hours a day?

Allright I don't wanna ask to many questions on my first post, just wanna say thanks in advance for any advice you have.