Slightly elevated TA


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Feb 4, 2010
Keller, Texas
I ran full test today on my water and the results were as follows:

FC 7.0
CC 0
TC 7.0
PH 7.6
TA 100
CH 270
CYA 80
Salt Level 3800 ppm
Water Temp 87

The pool has only been up and running for around 4 months or so. I'm adding MA approximately every 3rd day to keep the PH in check. I also had a recent post where some CYA seemed like it just disappeared. Not really sure what happened there but just added some stabilizer back to bring the total to 80 and that's where i'm currently at.

I'm a little concerned with the TA level. It's been very consistent around 70 except for the past couple of weeks where it jumped to 90 and then to 100 today. I read in pool school that TA shouldn't be lowered just to meet a number but rather if I want to slow down the rate the PH rises or if high TA is contributing to high calcium saturation index (CSI).

I also understand that with a new plaster pool along with the SWG that both of these can cause the PH to rise. :hammer:

My question is do I just need to stay on top of the PH and continue to add MA as needed or based on what's posted above, should i be more concerned with lowering the TA?

Also, SWG is set at 75% which seems high particularly with a 12 hour run time each day.

Thanks in advance for the assistance. :cheers:


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Feb 23, 2008
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Don't worry about the TA. The frequent acid additions will keep it in check. Over time with top-off filling and regular pH adjustments, your TA should find its happy place. Just keep your pH under control. That's what is important right now.