Slightly cloudy water


Jul 2, 2020
I’m wondering if anyone can offer any advice or thoughts. I’ve just recently started using the TF100 test kit to get better control over our pool chemistry as our water tests at the pool store were all over the place. We have a 26,000 gallon vinyl liner in-ground pool with SWG and sand filter. The last couple weeks my levels seem to be right on but I have noticed that the water has just a slight cloudy/teensy bit of haze appearance. I did the overnight chlorine loss test and only lose 0.5ppm.

Recent results from today:
FC = 5
CC = 0.5
Ph = 7.6
TA = 70
CH = 350
CYA = 70
Salt = 4200 (we have the Jandy Aquapure salt generator which requires higher levels of salt between 4000-4500).

We have a Hayward Tristar VS pump which runs 24/7 and the salt cell runs for 17 hours daily at 80% right now to maintain the 5ppm FC. Water temp is 89.

Sorry if I missed adding information. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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Jun 12, 2009
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would it be worthwhile at all to use a non-chlorine shock instead of doing the whole SLAM process since my FC is fine and CC is only 0.5?
Potassium Monopersulfate isn't going to do a thing for a cloudy pool. Honestly, MPS is generally just a pool store tactic. Very few situations require additional oxidation than chlorine can provide.


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Dec 31, 2019
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Although you FC measured at 5, it’s possible that it’s dropping below that amount in between tests, enough for algae to take hold. Get some liquid chlorine and start the SLAM process. Easy thing to try and I’m confident that will clear things up.