Slightly Cloudy water full tf-test results please judge me


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Jul 9, 2011
I am really a newbie and have had lots of fun learning. My pool is moderately cloudy. I can't see to the end of the 40' side underwater but can easily see the bottom when out of the pool. I just finished raising the CYA to SWG levels. Every weekend has been parties of 20 or so kids swimming plus every day my 4 kids have been swimming. Needless to say this was a good investment. But I want sparkly water.

I think I need to greatly reduce my IC-40 percentage. It is currently at the default 50% for 12 hours a day.

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May 7, 2007
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Re: Slightly Cloudy water full tf-test results please judge

Yes, now that CYA is up to the recommended range you can turn down the percentage on the SWG.

With 20+ kids swimming, it is difficult to avoid some cloudiness in the water for a day or two afterwards. Raising the FC to the high end of the normal range before the swim party starts, and again after the swim party ends, helps. Running the pump 24/7 from before the start until the water clears will also help. If it is really bothering you, using a dose of MPS afterwards can also help it clear faster.

By the by, your TA is a little high. I suggest lowering PH to 7.2 each time it gets to 7.8 until the TA is a bit lower. But that isn't related to the cloudiness.