Slamming works!!!


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Jul 2, 2011
North Texas
Slamming works!!!

Approaching 1 month sinceI slammed. Have maintained FC between 2 and 6 . Gone over 6 a few times, Kissed 2 a few times but NO, ZERO Algae!!! Amazing. I do run all auxiliaries For at least 15 minutes once per day as per the pic to ensure all water gets circulated. Its pretty easy with the programmable control panel.

No more ‘magic’ addictives from the pool store. Thanks Trouble Free Pools!!75EADDCC-A77C-482A-9B0C-18E75C937386.jpeg
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Jun 16, 2019
Sweet job JB. But treat your FC like the defcon levels. Kissing 2 is no bueno. :)
DEFCON 1COCKED PISTOLNuclear war is imminent or has already startedMaximum readiness. Immediate response.
DEFCON 2FAST PACENext step to nuclear warArmed forces ready to deploy and engage in less than six hours
DEFCON 3ROUND HOUSEIncrease in force readiness above that required for normal readinessAir Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes
DEFCON 4DOUBLE TAKEIncreased intelligence watch and strengthened security measuresAbove normal readiness
DEFCON 5FADE OUTLowest state of readinessNormal


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May 7, 2020
Lathrop, CA
Nice job, but don't be afraid of chlorine. When you add liquid chlorine, aim for the max ppm for your CYA level. Your water will feel no different, but you will have a much larger safety margin.


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Jan 17, 2012
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NICE looking water and pool!!

As NewDude mentions you're risking things with those low chlorine levels at times.... up the FC, friend :)

And as much as I hate to mention this.... we're very happy that SLAM process worked for you. If you could return the favor and toss a little support to the website upkeep it will ensure that this site remains up and running, free of ads and bad people, and here for others to discover how great TFP pools are! Any amount will help keep the gerbils fed and working that wheel. :laughblue: