SLAMming with no CC, FC drops


Jun 8, 2020
Riverview, FL
I’ve begun the slamming process and I just want to make sure I’m not crazy. I know zero CC is the ideal outcome so I ‘think’ I’m still on the right track. I added a bunch of chlorine last night, that brought FC from 0 to 8 this morning. Added more, FC went to 12 (this was at 7:20am ET). Each time I added chlorine (Kemtek 10% sodium hypchloride), I used the suggested amount from PoolMath. I tested again at 8pm and FC dropped to 10, still with zero CC.

For context, I had a good deal of green algae, which is why I started SLAMming. The clarity of the water was still clear and I could see the bottom with no issues; the water was just green and I could see algae spots on the walls and floor.

Being that I’m in Central FL and it’s the middle of July, I have to imagine that the chlorine drop was due to being burned off by the sun but is it possible to still have zero CC at this point?

The water is back to a pretty teal color and remains clear but I’ve had zero CC (as in the water doesn’t change when adding the 5 drops of R-0003) through the entire process.

Regardless, I’m continuing the SLAM process until all three criteria have been met (so basically just the OCLT at this point). I just want to make sure I’m not going crazy and I’m still on the right track.