SLAMming neighbor's pool


Aug 5, 2015
Manalapan, NJ
Offered to help my neighbor, and I'd like to come through for the guy. Just want to make sure the results I'm seeing are normal or if I'm missing something.

Pool is 18,000 gal with a sand filter. SWG but we have turned that off for the SLAM.

Before I got involved, the guy opened to a green pool and dumped in all sorts of stuff from the pool store. He now has cloudy blue water that is not clearing up. The latest pool store advice was 3 days ago when they told him that he had nitrates and the pool could not hold chlorine until he replaced enough water to get rid of the nitrates. That is when I told him to stop going to the pool store and offered to test his water.

pH was 7.2
CYA was 30
FC was 0
CC was 1.5

Told him it was time to start the SLAM. We started about 30 hours ago.

Dumped in 2 gallons of liquid chlorine to get up to FC of 12, recommended SLAM level. I told him to dump in another gallon that night (about 6 hours later) and another gallon the following morning (12 hours ago). He did all that. Now if this was my pool I would be testing it far more often than I am testing my neighbor's, but I cannot be running over there every couple hours and I do not want to waste all my testing chemicals on his pool.

Anyway, 20 hours after starting I tested again. Still 0 FC and 1.5 CC. I was surprised we were not registering any FC at this point. Told him to dump in 2 more gallons to get us back up to 12. I returned 5 hours later certain we would see some FC. Nothing. Not the slightest sign of pink in the test. Told him to dump in 2 more gallons and that he should expect to head back for more in the morning.

Was the pool store right? I don't know anything about nitrates and wrote it off as some pool store BS that they were giving him. But could these "nitrates" actually be preventing this pool from hanging onto any FC?

Any advice is appreciated!


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Jul 21, 2013
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You sure CYA was 30?

Test the CYA again. And test the pH again before you add chlorine.

Keep on adding chlorine and test after 30 minutes to an hour. Add chlorine until you get the FC to hold.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Ask him what potions the pool store had him use? Either look at the bottles, or the receipt with water test results or his recall.... but he may have put something really bad in there like ammonia products. That would chew up chlorine.

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