SLAMMING: chlorine too high?


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Sep 17, 2021
Central Virginia
New pool owner this year. Had a short lapse in diligence with my maintenance and experienced an algae bloom with dark green H2O.
My pool:
18x48” steel frame Coleman 8000 gall.
1500 gph cartridge filter pump
Did power-shock but still dark green H2O
Started SLAM Wednesday 9/15 @ 3PM
Beginning Test Results Wed. 9/15 10AM:
Total Chlorine:3.11
  1. Before 1st treatment @ 3PM Sept 15: Brushed pool and vacuumed debris Replaced filter cartridge with new. Added 3 GL of 10% liquid chlorine
  2. 16 hours after initial treatment. Visibility: light green but better. Added 1 GL @ 7AM Thur Sept 16
  3. 12 hours after 2nd treatment Visibility: 2 feet but blue & cloudy Cleaned filter and removed debris Added 1 GL @ 7PM Thur Sept 16
  4. 12 hours after 3rd treatment Bottom of pool is visible, still blue & cloudy. I have pics of changes.
  5. DID NOT add chlorine 7AM Sept 17 Taking water sample for testing: Results Friday 9/17 @ 8AM: FC:20 Total Chlorine:20 pH:8.3 TA:98 CYA:32. Should I wait until chlorine is around 12 before doing anything else? Will get readings of water this evening and tomorrow morning to see what it’s doing. Water is not clear - still cloudy blue.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: The most important issue right now ........ not testing your water at home with a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. Not only do you need to test frequently at home so that you can maintain the proper SLAM FC level, but store testing is often flawed. Very common. You must have one of those kits to support the SLAM Process. Also be sure to review the FC/CYA Chart so that you can be confident of what your FC level "should" be based on your current CYA.

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