Slam the pool twice in 2 weeks


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Apr 25, 2019
Hi, i had cloudy water and so i SLAM the pool with CYA at 40 and Ph at 7.2-7.4 with chlorine up to 25FC for 3 days(i slam at 25 becouse i have a solar pump so during SLAM it can works only during the day about 11 hours only) and the water got super clear and clean but after 10 days got cloudy again and now i'm doing another SLAM and after 2 days of slam with CYA 40 and FC 27 seems like the water is clear again ,passed the
chlorine overnight test( was 27 yesterday night and is still 27 FC this morning .... i bought a brand new filter cartridge Hayward it works fine with pressure around 10-15 PSI may be better clean the cartridge after the SLAM ....?I don't know if is important but the cloudy water come back the day after i put the robot in the pool ,can the robot get algae too even if stored out of the water? Should i clean it with something before use it again after the slam?
is very hot and dry now during the day and windy so a lot of leaves and resins pollins,animals fall in the pool in this time of the year but never happen before to slam twice in 2 weeks couse cloudy water i don't understand which is the problem .....anybody can help ?
i use liquid chlorine 12% and i keep it at 7-8FC ,CYA at 40 is maybe too low here at the tropics better at 60 i heard ?


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Jun 19, 2020
You say you keep your FC at 7-8. Is that your lowest test results just before you add, or your target during additions? If that's your target and it's dropping too low before you add again, that would explain it. The other thing that would explain it is if your CYA is not 40, but actually higher, then your target is too low for your actual CYA level.

The robot could be the culprit. It's certainly suspicious with the timing. Take it out, open it up as much as you can and see if you see anything growing.

No need to go up to 25 FC during a SLAM with CYA of 40. Filtering or not doesn't make that much of a difference - yes, it helps to remove the dead stuff, but it's the chlorine that does the killing, and that happens with or without circulation. Certainly run the pump all you can, but 25 FC is too high and risks damaging your equipment.


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Apr 25, 2019
I go up to 25FC couse if i do it at 16 FC as recomended it take like 1 week and it never get really clear also becouse bathers, with FC 25 i put a cover on the pool for 2 days ,nobody swim no sun and it works .
Taylor k2006 instructions manual says to reach 30FC to slam the pool ,so i thought that at 25FC will be fine .
So if 16FC is not enough for me and 25FC is too much ,slam at 20FC is still too high?
My CYA reagent is 3 months expired .....may be is not good anymore and give a false CYA at 40 when is maybe higher.
Can i test CYA levels while slaming the pool with 25FC ?


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Jun 7, 2017
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Here are the instructions for a proper SLAM - ensure you are following it.

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