SLAM Success/Pool Math


Jun 6, 2018

Wanted to write about SLAM when opening my pool. This is my 3rd year opening a pool and every year it gets easier, assuming I closed it appropriately. I have to battle very little leaf litter because of lack of trees, but oddly enough pull out a lot of corn husks.

These SLAM threads are all great but I wouldn't have been successful without the Pool Math App. After testing CYA and determining a level of 40, I used Pool Math to determine approximate LC demands. I've got approximately 26K gallons of water to treat, so I added 6 gallons of 12.5% last evening. This AM I checked again and added another gallon of LC. Using the TF100 to test FC I just added another gallon of LC.
I'll check levels again tonight, will try and post picture, and hope for very little loss overnight.
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