SLAM question--FC shock level and lower or shock level minimum

Jul 1, 2015
New Jersey, USA
So I read Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain and makes sense. My CYA is 35 and I've shocked my pool to 14.
I understand that I am consuming CL to clear the pool.
I understand that I should check between hourly and semi-daily.
Question is, do I want to shock it to 14, check it later today and have it be 5 or something, and raise it back up to 14.
Or do I want to get it higher than 14, so that when I check later it's STILL 14 or higher.
Another way of asking is 14 the minimum or maximum.

Related, what's so special about 14 (shock level) especially if after I walk away from my pool it immediately starts consuming CL and goes down to 13.5, then 13, then 12, etc. And are 14 ppm and 15 ppm or 16 or 17 the same for my CYA?


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Jun 22, 2015
St. Francisville
The longer you can keep it at or above 14 that faster the SLAM. If you can't be there to add constantly then add enough to keep it above 14 till you can add again. But don't go crazy or you'll risk damaging your liner by going too high for too long.

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Jun 18, 2014
Glassboro NJ
CYA is measured in increments of 10. Count your CYA as 40. Shock level for 40 is 16. You can add a little bit more, but don't go way over sun burns it off. Test early and often.