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Jul 10, 2021
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Hi there,

New to this site and I've done a lot of reading so far but I do have some questions of my own :) I just ordered a Taylor K2006 test kit with FAS-DPD testing so I can try and get accurate readings on my pool chemicals. I have a Coleman above ground pool and I had some high PH and Alkalinity per test strips. I have gotten the alkalinity and PH down now (120 and 6.8) per the test strips but I am working to raise the PH back to 7.2 - 7.8 range. Anywho, my water is cloudy and has been so for a few weeks now. My free chlorine keeps reading 0 on the test strips as well no matter how much chlorine I seem to dump in the pool. I had a 0 CYA reading as well until the other day when I finally got some stabilizer, back up to 30 now (per the test strip). I know I need a good testing kit which I have on the way and it should be here next week but can I start the SLAM process now? I don't feel the water is safe to swim with the 0 free chlorine reading on the test strip even though I know these test strips aren't accurate. I'd really like to try and get the pool cleared up some before my test kit gets here or am I just wasting my time at this point?


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can I start the SLAM process now?
I'm afraid not. No way to maintain accurate levels. But hang in there. A few days won't make or break it. For now, just add about 1/2 gallon of liquid chlorine to the water to keep a reasonable amount of sanitation going. Read-up on the SLAM Process page and the other links provided and we'll be happy to help you once you have the kit and post a full set of numbers. Also take a moment to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. Welcome to TFP! :wave:



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Yep - SLAMming without the test kit is like driving with a blindfold on. It’s just not going to work unless you get really lucky. Add the FC recommended above daily until the kit arrives and then we can really get at it. :)
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