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Apr 9, 2019
Last year I opened the pool to a black mess, so this year I was prepared and picked up 15 gallons of chlorine yesterday (can't return). Today I finished cleaning the cover (black tarp), and removed to a crystal clear pool. Removed some leaves in the pool and have the robot running around. Its just as I left it last year.

Closed the pool 10/30/2020 with FC - 30, CC - 0, TA - 90, CH - 125, CYA - 30, Temp - 53.
Opened the pool 4/11/2021 with FC - 8.5, CC - .5, pH - 7, TA - 90, CH - 150, CYA - 30, Salt - 2600, Temp - 50

Added 45oz of Baking Soda per pool math to get to 7.2 pH.

Should I SLAM the pool as a routine when opening?


27,000G vinyl liner inground pool, 2 speed pump, SWG (Autopilot), Heat Pump
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Should I SLAM the pool as a routine when opening?
Not always. In your case, your pool seemed to retain FC really well. :goodjob: If later you have a concern for algae, you can do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test, but I wouldn't just go into SLAM mode with the water looking that good. Sounds like there may be a sale on bleach at your house soon. :)