SLAM now or wait till after the weekend


May 25, 2017
Conway, AR
Noticed last pm that I have algae growing. Its early on, water is clear but seeing some settling in one corner and the seam of the liner. grrrr. Here is my dilemma.. Planning for a pool party this weekend. Should I start the SLAM and let fc drift down to the weekend or wait until after this weekend to SLAM? I did pour in one bottle of the 10% bleach last night before going to bed... panic mode seeing the algae.

Current test results:
fc 10.5
cc 0
pH 7.2 (day before result)
TA 40
CH 75
CYA 40

Do you think SLAM till Thursday and let it drift down or wait?


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Jun 16, 2019
Seeing how swimming is safe/unnoticeable up to and including SLAM level based upon the FC/CYA Chart, Party away. I would personally let it drift down 3 or 4 FC for the party just because there is some inherent error on the testing and that would ensure you are at or below SLAM.

The only downside is the SLaM time below SLaM level will loose a little efficiency, but you’ll still be getting a big head start for the battle.
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