SLAM nearly complete- question on FC drift down


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Apr 17, 2017
Carrollton, Ga
FC-16, CC-0 will start monitoring the PH, others when levels are at normal

Slam nearly complete after 7 days of adjusting and monitoring. Starting OCLT now. If clear in AM I'm done. Oh Happy Days.

Drift down to normal levels- Do I wait till FC is below 5-7 to start adding Chlorine back in? Or should I add maybe half to 1/4 as much chlorine as required for shock level and ease it back that way?

It's been a chore, but, I have learned a good bit

I do have some staining and will start on that when I get the SLAM completed. I'll test to see if it is organic or metal when the rain stops tomorrow.

Thanks for all the input on my other post concerning the slam.

Mr Bruce

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Mar 24, 2014
Greenville, SC
The goal is to not allow it to drop below the minimum for you CYA. The target is where aim when you add (chart in sig for both). If you are new to your pool, testing every day for a couple weeks is good, relaxing that as you "learn" your pool.

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