SLAM Help Needed

Hi all, trying to get my pool ready and it is a green mess - algae growing everywhere. I want to start the SLAM process and had a few questions. Here are my test results before I've done anything:


Should I raise my CYA to a certain level before I start the SLAM? Also, should I lower my pH before I start? Thanks for any advice you can give.


Mod Squad
May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
How are you testing your pool water chemistry? Please put what test kit you have in your signature.

Did you have CYA in the pool prior to winter? Have you fully circulated the water prior to your testing?
If so, I suggest you first test for ammonia.
To check and defeat ammonia, if necessary, is to raise your FC in the water using enough liquid chlorine to get to 10 ppm using PoolMath. Circulate the pool for 15 minutes. Test FC. If at 5 or below, add LC to get to 10 using LC, circulate for 15 minutes, repeat until your FC is above 5 ppm after the 15 minute circulation.

Let us know your results after you complete that.
Aug 22, 2016
Lumberton, TX
Thank you, sir. I am using the TF 100 Test Kit w/SpeedStir (will update my signature with that info). I did have CYA prior to winter, but I did not conduct any tests all winter. Water has been circulating 10 hours a day non-stop through the winter, so yes the water had fully circulated prior to testing this afternoon.

I will test for ammonia now using your instructions and report back. Thanks!