SLAM and Filter Pressure


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I'm finishing up a SLAM and just wanted to remind everyone to keep an eye on your filter pressure. My son came in from swimming one night and announced there was a ring of green all along the bottom of our AGP, as well as "lots" of algae around and under the steps.

Since I'm still laid up with a broken ankle (I get to take the boot off at night, though -- yippeee!!!), I wasn't able to monitor the pool and have depended on DH to take care of the pool. Of course no one is as invested in your pool as YOU are, so he wasn't being as meticulous about cleaning and brushing and watching for algae. So now I had algae.

Started SLAM last Friday, and asked him to brush the pool. This of course raised big clouds of green. Checked filter pressure, it was at 3 psi. 2 days later, DH notices the return wasn't moving as much water, so he checked the pressure, it was at 16 psi! Backwashed, got lots of murky grey water out. Pressure back to 3 psi. Also had our son brush under the flap at the bottom seam -- algae LOVES to hang out there!

He's been checking it daily since then, and backwashing when the pressure is +50% of the clean pressure. I told him when he asked why it was going up that there was a LOT of dead algae in the water, and the filter is doing its job.

So y'all remember to keep an eye on your pressure when doing a SLAM!


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Jun 16, 2019
You know.......... I'm sorry that you have yet another issue to deal with. The hits just seem to keep,on coming this year, huh ? Then again, with all we've had to deal with beyond our control this year (including your ankle), it was probably nice in a way to finally be in control of something while whooping the aglae. Nice job Lorri !! Now we can get back to all of us being helpless spectators.
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Thanks, @Newdude! I just try to grin and bear it -- it's really all you can do, to be honest. At least DH is willing to mess with the pool for me, even though he's not as persnickety as I am about things -- I bet there are lots of folks whose spouses wouldn't dream of touching the pool if the primary was laid up!
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