Skimmers placement


May 7, 2019
Our pool (36X18 vinyl liner/currently under construction) has 2 skimmers and 4 returns. I thought skimmers are supposed to be on one wall and returns on the opposite wall. However, our PB placed one skimmer on north wall, three returns on the opposite (south) wall, while the other skimmer and one return are both on the shallow end wall (west).
The cement around pool (footing?? bond beam?? not sure how it is called) is already poured so we can't change it anymore... just wondered if it is OK this way.
Thanks in advance!


TFP Guide
May 10, 2017
Hays, Kansas
Typically a pool only uses 1 skimmer and 1 return. It's very nice to have more in the pool so you can fine tune what works best for your pool.

Start using the skimmer commonly downwind and it should clear the pool by itself.