Skimmer weir fell off and skimmer basket got sucked underneath the ring where it was supposed to sit on?


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Apr 9, 2019
Richmond Hill, ON
Hi guys, I've never had this issue before. After manually vacuum the pool, I pulled up the vacuum plate off the skimmer and an extra piece of plastic came off. And that apparently is the skimmer weir which I didn't know it existed. Also I realize the edge of the skimmer basket got sucked UNDERNEATH the ring where it was supposed to be just sitting on it, so I stopped the pump and pulled the basket back out. I don't even know it got there. Do I need a new basket, and could someone teach me how to re-install the weir? It is a hayward sp1082-k weir.

Thanks very much.


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
Janji, did the weir door break off? Could you post some pictures of the door itself and the skimmer throat. (The area where the door attaches to the skimmer)