Skimmer weir fail


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Sep 1, 2008
Last year, the original Hayward skimmer door (weir) broke where the pivot hinge part is. I bought a new one but didn't install till this spring.
Twice this year, I've come to find the door stuck upright and the water being sucked into the skimmer rather forcefully as only the water around the edges is getting by.
I'm not sure how it is getting stuck; it seems to fit fine and I don't see any debris in the way.
Any thoughts?


Jun 2, 2019
Cleveland, OH
yes! this happened to me too, also with a Hayward weir. very annoying because it would suck a lot of air into the filter until i manually opened it. I "fixed" it by gluing one of my son's legos to the top of the skimmer so the door can't close all the way.


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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
Dealing with the same thing on a Hayward skimmer package for lined pools.

I am thinking to lube the weir casing with some petroleum jelly. Or, some silicone lube. Depending on what I can find tomorrow. OK, I give... I bought petroleum jelly.

Who has a hot water bottle hanging around?


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Mar 5, 2017
Palm Desert, CA
Frustrated by the same thing, even tried a U3 weir (slightly smaller) and it sticks too. Aftermarket ones (spring set ones) stick too. I cut the U3 one on each side, which breaches the air pocket/float. and used my torch to melt then cut areas and keep the float action intact, but still haven’t been back into the pool to give it a go. I’m glad it’s not just me. Glad I have a skimmer float so it cuts off the skimmer and pulls from main drain if the weir sticks.