Skimmer Protection from Leaves & Bugs


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Jun 19, 2017
Siloam Springs, Ar
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I do have a weir gate, however, when I first got my pool I thought that styrofoam was packing and took it out and threw it away! Doh!!

I have since replaced that piece of styrofoam but with a piece of packing foam that gets saturated and weighs it down..

My skimmer is about half way up (water level).. I got good suction and my filter reads 16 psi..
I did too. Could not for the life of me figure what good it would be. Anyone have a picture so I know what to make or get. If I remember it was thick and same size of backside of door. But, would/do you adjust them? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I am, first time with this type of skimmer.
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