Skimmer Problems


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Jul 19, 2020
Last year I installed a 21ft above ground pool. The wide mouth skimmer was a beast to attach. Holes didn’t seem to line up well. Finally got it on but it leaked constantly.

This year I bought a new gasket because I thought that might be the problem. Took the skimmer off then made the mistake of waiting a few days before trying to put it back on.

Today I realized the liner has pulled down below the skimmer by about 2 inches and I can’t pull it back up. There is about 2 feet of water in the pool so I suspect that’s the problem.

Will draining the pool allow me to pull the liner back up? Any other suggestions for preventing leaking skimmer? I’m tempted to buy a whole new one because I’m afraid it’s just going to leak again but I don’t want to waste money.

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