Skimmer plumbing Issue


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Apr 18, 2021
Fort Worth
We have two skimmers-one is tied to the main filter pump and the main floor drain (mdx3) with a sidewall secondary suction. Our second skimmer feeds the in floor cleaning which is on its own pump. We have a third pump for the bubbler, slide and grotto that has side wall suction in the deep end. This was all provided to our pool builder by paramount-I have a copy of the plans.

Our pool start up guy set the in floor pump at 3000 rpm and said to leave it there. He didn't even install the pressure gauge to know the actual pressure on the system so I think that speed is his default. The problem I was having was when the water level would go down slightly between pool fills we would start sucking in air because the skimmer couldn't keep up. The start up guys solution was to remove the weir door which caused its own issues. I ended up ordering a floating weir door that attaches to the basket thinking as the water level went down so would the weir door. Unfortunately this caused the jacuzzi effect since it is smaller in diameter. I ended up calling paramount and they said to play with the pump speed to find the happy medium between reduced flow and still having a clean pool. I am currently running at 2650 rpm which puts me at 15 psi. Paramount wants 17-22 psi but my pool is staying clean on the bottom. I am dealing with a lot of debris on the surface and playing with the jets trying to get them pointed for maximum skimmer efficiency. Paramount also wants at least 80% of the filter pump pulling from the main drain-slowing down that skimmer even more.

I have thought about changing the plumbing around but everything is plumbed the way Paramount wants it so I am going to keep playing with it for now.


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May 19, 2021
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Not that I am qualified to answer, but what is / are the questions on this post? ... I am curious though to how this goes, I know Paramount does several different systems. It sounds like you have their floor sweeping system as well as their skimmers (I am a big fan of the skimmer that I have from them). I feel like if I was familiar with the floor sweep system when I had my pool built I may have considered it, even though it isn't too popular here. It may work very well with a FG pool, since debris really does not stick to the sides, and a little flow from a jet and my 16x6 tanning ledge stays very clean.
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