Skimmer Placement - Hard to Remove Basket


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Jul 25, 2012
Basking Ridge, NJ
Hi all,

In their infinite wisdom, my pool installer placed one of the two skimmers in a horribly inconvenient place.

The lid is behind a rock wall in a landscaping bed about 18" from the surface of the pool deck. So, because of the obstacles in the bed and the rock wall I have to kneel on the pool deck, put a hand on the top of the rock wall and stretch about 4 feet out and another 18" down in order to get to lid and then the basket.

This makes the simple task of removing, cleaning and replacing the baskets a real pain, literally. My wife can't stand it anymore and I'm pretty tired of aggravating my back performing this task.

Does anyone know of some kind of device, attachment, accessory, etc. that would allow someone to remove a skimmer basket without having to get your hand all the way to the lid and basket handle?

As always, thanks guys (and gals)!!



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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Not that I am aware of... Without a pic, it is a little hard to tell, but my first thought was to build a walk-way that would allow you to get to it..

Sound like a real pain... :brickwall:

Thanks for posting and we'll see if other members might have some better ideas..

Jim R.