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Jun 3, 2020
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I hate it when I learn things on this site...

There are no O rings on the skimmer equalizer. There is no flap on it either. I am pretty sure that that is a Pentair 506160 equalizer (most of my hardware is pentair), which I intend to replace the equalizer if I am correct on the part number.
I am not sure of where the the (new) equalizer flap should be aligned.
I assume that the diverter flap should be covering some of the main drain line connection but I am not sure how to align that correctly either. The uncovered line is the main drain line, I just moved it for the picture, it was set so that is covered neither line.
I assume that the diverter should also have a O ring as well but I have no clue.

Any guidance would be appreciated

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Apr 10, 2018
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I haven't seen an equalizer/diverter valve used in conjunction with the flap on the bottom of the skimmer. My diverter valve has a flap on the bottom. When open, it pulls from the skimmer. When closed, it pulls primarily from the main drain. If water level drops in the skimmer, the float inside of the diverter valve drops and pulls water from the main drain.

You might try to remove the flap from the bottom of the skimmer and attach it to the diverter valve. Generally, you won't need to pull suction through the main drain, so just keep the flap open.
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