Skimmer or second suction port at floor?


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Jul 11, 2010
Well, it usually happens after I get the pool up, my mind starts to wonder about what I could do to improve the pool. Last year I ditched the POS pump that came with the pool and got a sand filter, this year I cut the liner to utilize the larger intake and discharge. I've been thinking about adding a second intake a couple inches above the floor to help keep the floor clean, but know wondering if maybe I should get about a skimmer, then still adding the second intake. I've also thought about hard piping and getting rid of the hoses. If I hard pipe everything, I've got to deal with the Intex sand filter threads, but I would have the nuts from the plunger valves. Thoughts, suggestions? I've searched the site and bookmarked all the threads that would be useful. If I were to get a skimmer, suggestions on what kind? Pool info in the signature. Thanks!


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Jul 10, 2009
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Any skimmer designed for an above ground pool should work. The intex folks usually don't discuss the brand of skimmers they buy, so maybe they will chime in here with that info.