Skimmer of sorts ?


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Aug 17, 2016
Hi! I have about a 40 foot infinity trough that i can see is going to be a royal pain in the you know what, since everything falls into it.. I have a Dolphin Triton plus, which does an amazing job brushing etc.. the main pool area, the problem is, it doesn't do that great in the trough, it does work. But, it gets stuck too much and requires me toting the equipment down there with a extension cord etc.. Annoying for sure! Anyhow, i was looking online.Is there a stand alone gadget i can put into the trough that would float around and collect all the debri ? I get a lot of pine,moss and some leaves in there and i am going to be honest.I don't really know how to connect the vac etc... up So i just been doing the triton in there manually and keep moving it around. I saw some skimmers online, but they all plug into the vac line. Is the easily solution probably a more compact robot like the triton but smaller? I will try to do some research and figure out the positions to make the vac work etc.. If that's my only solution.The trough width is probably 2-3 foot wide.


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Jul 24, 2015
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Your question is fairly unique, I am sure others have had the problem but I have not seen any threads around the topic. You may get a few more suggestions if you post a picture of the area, often times an image will ensure suggestions are relevant to the situation.


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Jul 10, 2012
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I picture with something to refers for size so we know what you are working with. Someone will have an idea or two.



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Aug 17, 2016
Thanks for tips. I just need to learn how to hook up the vac to the dedicated port.

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