Skimmer install problem


Mar 17, 2019
We finished up our diy pool install this weekend and when we got to the skimmer install we realised we messed up and that the back part part should have been installed before the liner was installed. There is a minor leak right now around it. Is there anything we can do this year to stop it? We really dont want to drain the pool and replace the liner until it becomes a bigger problem (hoping to get the year out of it).
Its a hayward skimmer on a 14g steel wall (semi inground pool)



Bronze Supporter
Jul 6, 2017
Kinston, NC
You can drain the pool to just below the skimmer and remove the skimmer. Let all surfaces dry and you can use silicone bathtub caulk to seal around it. This will take care of some liner mistakes / hole mistakes you might have made. If it's all cut properly, then silicone grease could be used to help get a better seal rather than caulk.