skimmer install on intex ultra frame


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Apr 25, 2010
south georgia
hello everyone, i'm installing a thru the wall skimmer on my intex ultra frame pool 16x48 and need some clarification on a couple of things. first, what do i do with the outlet connection since i will have the skimmer hose going to the inlet on the pump and second if i need to apply silicone to the skimmer to help with any leaks that might occur, where would i need to put the silicone, on the inside or outside of the pool wall and between the gasket or skimmer body itself. i'm new to this pool stuff so i could use any advice i can get. thanks for your help!


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Aug 1, 2008
Mendota Heights, MN
Sorry, missed that part, I am planning on hooking up the old outlet along with the skimmer I will install a valve on the outlet. That way I will have two outlets. I am also installing an additional inlet. Most likely this is overboard but it is fun!!
For those that have installed a standard skimmer did you reinforce the fabric with anything?