Skimmer float valve question.


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May 30, 2019
Toronto Ontario
So I have my main drain connected to the skimmer with a slide plate that I use to control how much flow I want from it. Right now it's about 50% covered. I'm about to install a float valve in the skimmer (Hayward 1080) just in case my water falls below the skimmer mouth opening my pump won't run dry. (I believe this is the main purpose of the float valve). As per the Hayward instructions (attached pic) the slide plate I currently have installed in the skimmer must be removed, therefore having the main drain to the skimmer fully opened. There is a slide plate on the float valve itself, but this would only affect skimming and not the main drain. Is it possible to install this float valve so I still only have the main drain flow at 50% instead of fully opened?
From what I've read on other posts it's recommended to have most of your suction at the skimmer mouth opening. By installing this float valve it would in effect be 50/50 main drain/skim with the only option to restrict skimming action via the slide plate in the float valve. I want to do the opposite. I'm not sure if they designed it this way so that if the float valve is engaged there will be enough supply of water from the main drain to keep the pump primed.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Why do you care? I don't think you will see any difference in your pool with the float valve installed and it pulling 50/50 compared to the way you run it now.