Skimmer equalizer question


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Apr 28, 2013
Apple Valley, CA.
I identified my skimmer as an Admiral S20 Skimmer. I was thrown off initially by the replacement Weir not fitting properly. After placing my camera through the skimmer I see that the installer forced the skimmer into place and the side walls are slightly inward bowed...this was my issue.
But I digress

I see from Pentair exploded view that my skimmer has or had an "Equalizer" or "Float Valve"

I have a side suction port on my pool that is connected to a Kreepy Krauler.

The 2 things I read that the "Equalizer" valve does is:

1. Protect pump from clogged skimmer or low water
2. Pull water from the main drain

Am I right thinking that this is already done through my side suction cleaner?


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Jan 4, 2016
Sydney, NSW, Australia
The suction cleaner serves the purpose of drawing water from the bottom of the pool but it doesn't prevent the pump from sucking air from the skimmer if the water level drops below the skimmer intake. Most people don't get that issue cause it's fairly easy to keep the pool full enough so it doesn't happen.

Just in case... it's common for the equalizer not to be plumbed to the main drain and that port on the skimmer is just left sealed. If you have a valve for the main drain at the equipment pad, that would suggest the equalizer port on the skimmer was not used.