Skimmer butterfly gasket to wide to fit properly?


Jul 17, 2013
Ottawa,ON, Canada
I bought an Olympic(Champlain plastics) above ground pool large mouth skimmer and it came with 2 butterfly gaskets in the box. The wrong instructions were packaged in the box(they were for a solar blanket) but I looked online and found these instructions which aren't 100% clear:


I tried to install the butterfly gasket the way it's supposed to be installed, so split the middle and fit it on the pool wall and have a gasket lip on the inside and on the outside of the pool wall for the skimmer and the faceplate to sit on but the gasket was too large, I was never able to get it to sit in the skimmer hole properly. There was some slack in the gasket since it was too large and the holes didn't line-up. So I ended putting a butterfly gasket inside the pool on the liner for the face plate to sit on and one on the outside on the pool wall for the skimmer to rest on. These gaskets are pretty thick so I don't think it's the right way but should I be ok this way? I got the screws through both gaskets and screwed the skimmer in as tight as I could. Could I have any problems? When I removed the old skimmer it only had a gasket on the outside, it didn't have a gasket behind the skimmer face plate.


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Jun 3, 2015
I think your problem is not the gasket, but that the hole in the pool is too small.

If the skimmer is not leaking around the pool wall, I would leave it alone.

I'm very surprised that the original skimmer did not have a gasket on the inside.
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