Skimmer basket support ring troubles; solution?


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Jun 14, 2014
Long Island, NY
I have Hayward SP-1083-2 skimmers with a large basin, the skimmer baskets (which are smaller than the basin) are designed to rest on top of a skimmer support ring (circle within a circle). I am having a few issues.

1. the skimmer baskets are sometimes sucked down past the rings, and this is a huge pain. Debris just goes around the basket and into the pump, and it is very difficult to pull the basket back out.
2. The support rings are adhered to the skimmer using glue, but one has come free. This one is easier to get a sucked down basket out, but its broken and needs to be fixed

I would prefer to find bigger skimmer baskets and just rip these support rings out. Do they exist? If not, can you recommend and adhesive that I should use to fix the loose one, that can cure underwater? Or do I have to drain the water out?


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Curious how your skimmer ring issue is going? If trying to secure the broken ring, you might be able to use some A+B Epoxy. Not sure about replacements, although I suspect there are some after-market replacements available. PoolSupply or InyoPools maybe have some ideas if you have the inside measurements available.