Skimmer Ajustment


Apr 12, 2010
I see alot of people who have flow diverters near the pump to control suction for main drain and skimmer. In my case, i only have one inlet pipe coming out of the ground going into the pump. I read somewhere that you can adjust the flow within the skimmer itself. The skimmer has a side suction outlet, and a hole that goes straight down. I stuck my finger in the hole that goes straight down and it bottoms out. Can you guys explain how to change the flow for the skimmer and main drain, should it be set at 80/20 & 100 for vac? I included photos.

Thanks alot



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Jul 11, 2010
England, UK
The skimmers in my pool have a plastic flap that can be pivoted over the hole in the base, to partially or fully cover the hole. Can't see anything like that on yours.
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