Skim a round


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May 19, 2010
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I saw that too ... first thing I thought of was ... don't we typically try to avoid the whirl pool in the skimmer so that no air gets pulled into the pump and filter? :mrgreen:

I cannot see why it would work any better than having a functional weir.
I bought a skim around all in one which seemed like a great idea in theory. I found with my variable speed pump that you have to run at high rpm to create the suction seal needed for it to work. Which to me defeats the purpose of having a VSP. I watched there youtube videos and they recommend to throttle your main drain which again did not work for my application. im guessing with the right pool set up not on a VSP it could work quite well. I haven't gave up on the product will try it on my buddies pool with no VSP. Ill keep everyone posted


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May 28, 2016
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for me, no. with return 1/2 on skimmer, 1/2 on main drain it just floated to the top of my skimmer. when i put it on full skim, it barely made any difference. it took a bit but eventually created the cavitation that most likely enticed us to it however it was nothing significant. i chalk this one up to getting suckered in because i am in need of some solution here. before i got my pool redone, we just put return on the spa, kept the water low enough so it created a waterfall effect into the spa and used it as a giant skimmer. can't do that now that the spa dam is built up. nor do i want to.