Size of the SWG I install this spring?


Jan 1, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Greetings Jason, Waterbear and everyone...

I am looking at installing a SWG on our inground pool and was wondering...since Temps in Las Vegas are extremely hot...
Should I install a slightly Larger Unit (Autopilot ST-48 vs ST36) to help with the demand for chlorine generation in the summer?

Also, it was not clear to me...does this unit allow for a temp triggered pump start up (freeze protection thermostat)?




TFP Expert
Apr 15, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for considering AutoPilot.
I would always recommend going with the largest size cell you can afford. Not just for the heat factor of Las Vegas, but also so that the cell will last longer before needing replacement.

The Pool Pilot Digital, if used to control your circulation pump, has freeze protection so that when water temps fall below 40 degrees, it will activate the filter pump and check the water temp every 30 minutes to see to if it's falling below 40, in which case it will continue to run.

During cold water temps, it will reduce the output of the system down to 1% when it is 55 degrees or colder (rather than shutting off). As it warms up, the % setting will increase automatically to increase chlorine production.