Size of reagent bottles?


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Apr 1, 2007
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TheOne said:
What are the sizes (oz) of the reagent bottles?
The 6 bottles that test for T/A and CH are all .75 oz.

The FAS/DPD is 30ml (1 oz) (at 8-12 drops per test...should last pretty a good while)

The FAS/DPD powder is 1/4 oz. (it looks tiny, but I've used mine for 3 years and still have quite a bit left)

CYA reagent - That's the biggest change I made from Taylor or other tests. It 120ml (4 oz) and, using 15 ml per CYA test that's enough for 8 tests. (Anything more than three tests per year is overkill, I think)

The daily tests are the standard bottles that come in the Taylor k-1000 test kit....3/4 oz. I would've liked to have included slightly larger bottles but that's all that will fit into that neat, little package

This will be my fourth year using Taylor Chemistry. I have tried to judge the amounts needed based on my past experience. AS I get input from other users, I will try to keep the quantities in ranges where folks can expect a good two years before they need any refills. I think I'm there right now but that is based solely on my usage history.