site drainage plan for existing pool


Apr 22, 2017
Southern Indiana
New pool owners here and we started a bit rocky with a floated liner after we took possession of the house. I'm not sure its due to ground water, but it started the conversation of drainage and here we are. In talks with the pool builder, in '96, he did not put in a perimeter drain because of the site layout. The pool is positioned half way between the main level and the basement walk out, so you get an idea of the tiered slope. Attached is a pic of my drainage plan. The backfill is sand from what I saw tonight with some digging.

The red lines are 30in below the apron give drainage from the backfill. The yellow will be a french drain 12in below to capture surface water and redirect to the lower side.

We dug the deep end line tonight and probably do the shallow end later this year.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure how much this will help. Just looking for some added insurance.



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Aug 23, 2016
Central, NJ
We're in the process of doing a pool and also debating about drainage.

If I read your diagram correctly, your right side is low ground, so I debate the red drains as the concrete should already be aiming that direction, no?

I think you need to look at where is rain water going around the property based on elevation, and go from there. If you have land water going towards the pool you need to intercept that and bring it around the pool not through it.


Apr 22, 2017
Southern Indiana
You are correct, the right side is the lowest, probably 5 feet lower than the pool edge.

The red lines are not put in yet so we plan to put all of them in this year sometime. The yellow line will divert water around the pool in the landscaping. All lines will exit on the low side. I do not think our liner floated due to ground water. With the grade and all downspouts directing away from this area, it was more likely puncture. This addition is more for peace of mind and trying to make it work without a huge expense and going around existing features.


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May 11, 2014
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On your high side use a post hole digger and open up a small shaft about 4, maybe 5 feet deep. Let it sit a few days. Does it fill with water? This should identify if you have ground water issues.
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