Single versus Quad Cartridge filters


Oct 4, 2019

Planning a new 10k gal pool (36k L here in Australia). I am looking at around 300 sq ft cartridge filter (seems suitably oversized).

At that size I can either get a large single cartridge filter or a small quad cartridge filter. Is there any reason to go either way? Quad cartridge seems like it would more of a pain to clean.



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Jun 7, 2017
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Check out the price of cartridges on each model you are considering. I am happy with my quad filter I can't imagine getting the same efficiency with a single cartridge.

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No doubt you'll find most TFP'ers recommend going larger for filtration, regardless of the media type, just to reduce the time periods between cleaning. Makes sense if you have the room and/or the it matches the equipment set-up well. The pool size has some to do with it as well. But I'll offer this as a comparison. I have a pool just under 18K with a Hayward C1200 single cart filter. In the busy summer I clean it about every 3 weeks or so. Fairly simple rinse. My Pleatco replacement cart is about $50 if memory serves me right, and I get a cart to last me 3-4 years. Will I go to a 4-cart later? ....... Umm, not sure. I'm 50/50 based on my pool size and the effort it takes me to rinse the single cart. If my pool was much larger, I almost certainly would go larger. With your 10K pool, you have options for sure. As suggested above, do some online cost comparisons for replacement parts and such. Also look at the size of your equipment pad to ensure it could even accommodate a 4-cart filter. Happy shopping. :crazy: