Simple outdoor dimmer for string lights


Bronze Supporter
Jul 17, 2019
Prosper, TX (DFW)
I added string lights to light up the spa/fire pit area of our backyard. It is a fairly simple setup, using an extra electrical outlet, a smart switch that will control on/off from my phone or Alexa, an extension cord along the fence to the tree, then the string lights are plugged into that.

Now that everything is up and operational, I would like the ability to dim the lights since they light up the full backyard. I've been looking for a simple outdoor dimmer that will plug in between the smart switch and extension cord that would let me dim them. I'm envisioning something simple and just a few inches long with a male end, female end, and a dial/slide dimmer in-between. Everything I'm finding is several feet long, has remote controls, etc. Is there not such a thing as a simple outdoor dimmer that I can hook onto the extension cord?

Pics attached if it helps.