Silicone lubricant needed for the pvc threads on all my returns?


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Jun 15, 2019
Houston Texas
I work in the oil/gas industry and we always use some form of "anti-seize" on pipe threads.

So I'm curious about the threads of the eyeballs on all my returns and the bubblers on the tanning shelf.

Wondering if those threads need some kind of "anti-seize" on them.

Pool is going on 10 days old now. So if I need to lube the threads, now is the time before they get so galled up I can't remove them.

Do the pvc threads ever get seized up where you can't remove them?

Don't work with pvc so wanted some thoughts on the matter.

They do not have any kind of anti-seize on them now.

If I need to lube them, what should I use?



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Apr 1, 2007
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You could certainly put something on them but I don't believe very many people do. A strap wrench will get them off and I would put them on ONLY hand tight to begin with.