Silicone in place of spider gasket?


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Jun 26, 2007
OK, My pump/filter are still under warranty( less than a year old), and I have a bad spider gasket. I went in to buy one, and they said "OH, you are under warranty, it is covered so we will come change it". I was like, fine, whatever.
SO, I was not home when the guy came to fix it, he told dh not to run the filter/pump for about 12 hours. I took off the multiport, out of curiousity, and he put GOBS of silicone in place of the gasket. At least I think it is silicone, it actually looks like the same thing they put on my car, kinda orange silicone gasket stuff. !
SO, I am peeling it off, and wondering if I should call back, or just change it myself..can't be that hard right?

DH didn't check, or watch because he hates the pool, has never touched a toe into it, and could care