Sigh. Polaris 280 tying itself in knots when I am not looking.


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Jul 26, 2015
Panama City Beach, FL
So, I have a tiny pool in my back yard and inherited a polaris with it. It keeps tying itself in a knot, which means it has to be climbing over the intake/outflow valve (not sure what to call it), so it is going up the side of the pool way too high. I did a lot of reading on this forum and then yesterday I shortened the cord, moved the float further away from the backwash-valve (acorn-shaped thing), made sure there is no water in the float, made sure the float is positioned approximately an inch away from the unit, replaced the old black plastic foam thing at the end of the tail and made sure it is going at the nice slow pace I see in videos. I also played around with the jet-thing in the back, setting it at 11, 1, 7, 9, 3 .... and I'd come back a half hour later and WHILE I WASN'T LOOKING, the thing would have tied itself in a knot again. I realize this thing is not actually sentient or vindictive, but it definitely behaves normally while I'm watching it and then does flips or something to tie itself in a knot as soon as I go inside.

All joking aside, what else should I check?

One thing I've noticed is that when I turn off it's power (I guess I mean the filter?) so there should be no water flowing through it and then lift it out of the pool there IS still water flowing through it. It comes out the back-valve thing and spouts out of the unit. Now that I am trying it picture it I'm not sure exactly where the water is coming out but it definitely still has water flowing, although not enough to move it around the pool. Is that an indicator of what might be wrong?

Obviously I am a newbie, and don't know what any of these parts are called, but I am an appreciative newbie and hope to get some good ideas about what to look at next.

Thank to you all!


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Aug 19, 2017
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The hose should be flexible and have "joints" in several places to prevent it from twisting and knitting itself. May not prevent it all the time but shouldn't be as bad as you describe. Have you checked it to make sure it can spin freely in all the places it should? There should be several joints where it can spin along its length.