Jun 4, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Hi everybody,
I, like many others only seem to find these sites after getting miffed at the cost of Pool chemicals from the Local Pool store.
But before I get to all that, my name is Mike, I live in Toronto, Canada and I have a 16 x 32 kidney shaped Vinyl inground pool that is 75000 Litres which would be about 19790 US Gallons.
My wife and I have lived at this house for 2 1/2 years. We have enjoyed the pool immensely. I get stuck with all the chores for it though.
We have had some plumbing type problems in the past, leaks, pump priming etc. , of which I have learned about and repaired by myself, except for the leak last year that caused us to loose about 2 inches a day. That was repaired by a scuba dude.
Now however, I have green and cloudy water. The LPS (local pool store) said try this(Bioguard Burnout ), try this (bioguard Erase),then this (Biogaurd Power Floc) etc. then $120 later I still have a green and cloudy pool.
So here I am, looking for help, trying to save money, reading lots and learning.
I have already read a bit on the Forums and I am researching as much as I can.
I look forward to talking with all of you, learning more about pools, saving money and enjoying my pool.


Mike aka Siegfried


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May 22, 2007
Toms River, NJ
Hiya, allot of good info and advice here. Post your question in the proper area and your pool get cleared up. Read the sticky "Help us help you" in Pool School - Just getting started.


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Welcome to TFP. For starters, may I recommend you post a set of test numbers on your pool in "Testing the Water" section of the forum. That way we can get you headed in the right direction and you will be swimming in no time. Thanks for joining up. There are a lot of folks here ready and willing to help.